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Nostalgic photographic still life shots of Grand Rapids, Michigan, through Kodachrome slides from the 1980s. Some photos include the Pana-Vue Viewmaster. This was a challenging photo shoot that I set up three separate times to get my desired outcome. Photos were illuminated from below a glass table, and it was challenging to get the slides in the right lighting because some are lighter and others are very dark. I hope my viewer enjoys the final result.
GR_Kodachrome_Flashback_1980sIMG_2211IMG_2213IMG_2216 - Version 2IMG_2217IMG_2225 - Version 2IMG_2226IMG_2231IMG_2248IMG_2249IMG_2262IMG_2263IMG_2265IMG_2267 - Version 2IMG_2267IMG_2271 - Version 3IMG_2271