Rosanne Coty is a Freelance photo contributor for Cascade Life Magazine in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Each of these galleries are Cover photo shoot assignments for the Feature articles, click on the individual assignments to see the full selection. (The 9" x 13" cropping is for the magazine Cover layout, and leaves extra room for the Banner title at the top.)
Chick-fil-A Cover Session5 Year Old BirthdayBachmann Family 21-Apr-17Bird Family Cover ShootCascade Life Cover Shoot Fire Dept. 12-Jan-18Cascade Life Cover shoot Jim Dandy & the Fancy Pants 14-Jan-18Cascade Life Kennedys Christmas Oct-17Cascade Life Kennedys General 24-Oct-17Cascade Life TaskPro 10-Mar-17Gilda's Club Clean Up 10-May-18Partners in Plastic Surgery 2-Jan-17Watermark Insurance and Airport Park 21-Aug-17Maurice Townsend ~ City KidsDr. David Rosner "Remedy"Nevermore Decor Store