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Women can struggle with societal pressure to present a certain image to try to gain respect or attention. Often, this image for the world hides how they truly feel. Perception versus Reality. Reflection; literally and metaphorically. This collection explores the dynamics that exist between outward appearance and internal essence. The countenance, the “good face” that women often put on, contrasts with deeper feelings, concerns, and fears. Recurring themes of eyes as windows to the soul, beauty as fleeting, or internal conflict are explored. Many of these pieces convey perceived frailties, like sadness, self doubt, or fear of abandonment. In reality, the embracement of self is empowering and shows strength of character. My goal is to create strong emotional art, thereby eliciting a shared bond with the viewer. It's a way to console and support others. I understand what you are going through, and I want you to know that things will get better. We can ride the storm together, and we can be better for the experience.
Clandestine by Rosanne CotyFractured Photo by Rosanne CotyThe Fragility of Beauty by RCotyInner Glower Photo by Rosanne CotyIntangible in Blue by RosanneCoty, 2018Manga by RCotyNot Full Circle by Rosanne CotySmeared Photo by Rosanne CotySweet & Sassy by Rosanne CotyThe Cold Shoulder by Rosanne Coty, 2018Wavelength by Rosanne Coty, 2018Weighty Things by Rosanne Coty